I am a  BACP registered relational, integrative psychotherapist as well as being a qualified master practitioner in NLP, hypnotherapist, MBSR teacher and  life and performance coach . My specialist interest is in workplace wellbeing and trauma prevention and recovery.

 Integrative Therapy Approach

Therapy with me will often feel like a conversation, but it is a conversation in which I will question and often provide feedback and perspective, whilst encouraging you to develop your own hypotheses and insights. I believe that you are the expert in your experience and I act as a guide in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and some of your experiences of the world.

My therapeutic style is integrative and relational, combining a holistic approach with evidence-based practice , that is  treatment that is backed by scientific evidence.

The  holistic  approach, incorporates all aspects of yourself. Your emotional aspects, attitudes and beliefs (mental), physical manifestations of struggles (body), and spiritual aspects (what gives you hope, meaning and purpose). Any or all may be addressed in the therapy process. Because I am not bound by one theoretical discipline, I may also draw on wider culture, art and literature in my practice.

Special interest areas

Primary areas of clinical interest and experience include working with individuals who are struggling with: unhealthy levels of stress, workplace wellbeing, trauma including secondary or vicarious trauma, adjustments to changes in physical health, depression, grief and loss, high sensitivity, relationships , identity issues, self-esteem and confidence.

Benefits of therapy

  • Manage stressful life circumstances
  • An improvement in mood and emotions
  • Reduced anxiety
  • More positive relationships
  • Increased self-confidence, self-awareness & self-acceptance
  • Increased insight and understanding of self
  • Increased ability to trust others
  • Improvement in communication skills
  • Ability to manage problem behaviours
  • More confidence to make changes
  • Being less affected by problems from the past
  • Greater sense of wellbeing
  • Improvement in work / life balance

What you can expect

  • 30-minute initial phone consultation to assess need and fit
  • 60-minute initial assessment and introductory session (Phone, skype or in person)
  • 50-minute weekly sessions based on assessment (Phone, Skype or in person)
  • At times, in-between session homework
  • Suggestions for accessing further resources
  • Non-judgmental, approachable and safe space
  • Interactive, collaborative, and holistic relational therapy approach

What people have said

“A heartfelt thank you for your time, compassionate listening and guidance over the past few months. I have been able to make so many positive changes since working with you. You will never know how much it has helped me”.

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