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I am  a qualified, registered, independent social worker, practice educator and author of the book Practice Educating Social Work Students. I provide clinical reflective supervision to qualified social workers and pastoral staff in non- statutory settings, with a specialist interest in school social work.

Designated safeguarding leads, pastoral care, teachers  and social workers in schools are under increased pressure. Rates of mental health concerns in children and young people are rising and pressures on families increasing, leading to increased levels of concern. Without good support and supervision, staff can become overwhelmed and more likely to make mistakes or experience burnout.

The type of reflective supervision, training and school seminars I deliver will depend upon the roles and responsibilities of staff and the nature of the school. Whatever the model adopted to deliver supervision, support or advice, the process will be child focused.


  • Staff to remain child/patient/client focused.
  • Practice is uniform and evidence based to support sound professional judgement and decision making.
  • Uses reflection in a safe and supportive manner to promote best practice.
  • Enable staff to reflect, analyse and evaluate practice to promote critical thinking.
  • Enable practitioners to fully understand their role and responsibilities and empower them to develop skills, competencies and confidence to safeguard children at risk.
  • Promote a safe learning culture in the organisation
  • Promote and strengthen the accountability of the individual practitioner;
  • Identify training needs
  • Provide opportunities for staff to discuss the emotional impact on them of this challenging area of practice.

What people have said

“I can not recommend Wendy highly enough. Her knowledge, delivery and enthusiasm is unprecedented. The clinical supervision I had with Wendy is among the best I’ve been privilege to experience since starting my Social Work journey. I find Wendy highly professional, warm and bright, just the right amount of ‘out of the box’ thinking for me (I’m a fan of ‘out of the box’, shouldn’t we all be?) and a delight to know and work with.”

Stacey Marie Duke (School Social Worker)

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Practice Educating Social Work Students

by Wendy Showell Nicholas and Joanna Kerr

This brand new book is essential reading for anyone involved in practice educating social work students. Whether you are an on-site or off-site practice educator, or a workplace supervisor, the book will guide you through your role, providing practical and straightforward advice about the process from start to finish.

“When I read the book, I found it to be helpful and easy to negotiate, offering really practical and straight forward advice in an easy style. I would recommend it to all Practice Educators, whether long in the tooth or fresh in to the profession.”

Steve Harding, Social Work Tutor, University of Leeds, UK